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Sensation Yachts LTD (NEW ZEALAND)

Sensation Yachts LTD
Address: 11 Selwood Road, Henderson, Auckland.
Phone: 64 + 9 + 837 2210
For almost 30 years, Sensation has virtually rewritten the way Superyachts are built, pushing the boundaries of thinking and technology to create new standards of quality and performance while achieving unprecedented efficiencies in time and cost.

To cope with strong demand for its high quality products, Sensation Yachts have invested significant resources to manage and operate world class facilities in Australia and New Zealand. Sensation boasts massive building capabilities and expertise between the two yards.

Both sites include specialist workshops for engineering, electrical, interior and exterior woodwork, painting and finishing as well as storage and load-out facilities. Expansion has also been a catalyst for the company to promote its proficiency in aluminium and steel construction techniques as well as being the worlds leading specialist builder in composite materials.

Direct benefits from the company's expansion include the capacity to service both refits/maintenance and new constructions, the ability to build super yachts over 220' and the resources to manage a number of vessels at any one time.

As one of the most exciting, innovative and highly-recognised Superyacht designers and builders in the world today, Sensation Yachts are not only revolutionising the way the industry works, it is also rapidly redefining the expectations of the market.

Whist focus in New Zealand will remain on producing the 50-meter series, Sensation Australia will enable demand to be met for its resin infused vessels. Sensation Australia also intends to provide custom builds up to and over 200ft and will be the foundation plant of the its newly developed production sports boats 95ft - 160ft as well as having an extensive refit and maintenance facility.

The company now has a number of super yacht orders on its books with multiple motor yachts currently under construction and several more in design