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Riva S.p.A. (ITALY)

Riva S.p.A.
Contry: ITALY
Address: Via Predore, 30
24067 - Sarnico (BG) Italy
Phone: +39 035 910202
In May 2000, with the entry of Riva in the Ferretti Group - the world's major group of luxury boating - a new season started.
With zeal bordering on mania, Riva's engineering department began to study new models.
Under the relentless creativity of Mauro Micheli and the Officina Italiana Design plus the product knowledge of President Ferretti, a new Riva style was born.
This fusion between technology and design would mark another turning point in nautical design and performance.
In November 2003, the new shipyard in La Spezia started to specialize in yachts longer than 65 feet.
In Sarnico, smaller boats like the Aquariva and Rivarama were being produced that advanced the craft, yet paid absolute respect to past Riva legends.
Their success was, fittingly, legendary.

Found 3 yachts

foto yacht status year length price
Riva Rivale
Riva Rivale sale 2014 16.12 m € 1 100 000
Rivarama archive 2007 13.43 m € 350 000
RIVA 92 archive 2009 28.23 m on request