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Nimbus Boats AB (SWEDEN)

Nimbus Boats AB
Contry: SWEDEN
Address: Headoffice

Nimbus Boats AB
Box 5152
S-426 05 Västra Frölunda

Street adress
GKSS-Harbour, Långedrag

Phone: +46 31-7267700
Fax: +46 31-294698
Phone: +46 (0)31-7267700
Nimbus is one of the foremost and most respected boatbuilders in Europe. The name Nimbus has for decades, been synonymous with well-built boats which, due to their high quality, have ensured that the company has carved itself out a special reputation within the boatworld.

Today, Nimbus manufactures 26 - 32 ft Sportcruisers. The Nimbus Nova concept which is one of the company's biggest successes is built in four sizes: 22, 26, 29 and 35 feet. Nimbus Coupe Cruisers & Cruising Yachts, arguably the company's most renowned class of boats, exists in sizes from 28 up to 38 ft. And last but none the least the Commander series - The true Yachtsman's Yacht.

The sailboat side of the company is represented by Maxi Yachts 10 up to 12 meter.

In terms of working environment, Nimbus production units in Mariestad and Visby, may be the two leading boatyards in the world. In terms of production, they represent a successful synthesis of advanced technology, modern production methods combined with traditional craftmanship from a team who has been working with us for many many years.

Ambient temperature and humidity in our laminating premises, where all parts are handlaminated, are carefully maintained at fixed levels all year around, day and night, to ensure that curing results will be perfect.