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Lagoon (France)

Contry: France
Address: Yann Masselot - 162 Quai de Brazza, 33072 BORDEAUX CEDEX- FRANCE
Phone: (33) (0) 557 80 92 80
Established in 1984, Lagoon was the direct progression of Jeanneau's racing division (Jeanneau Techniques AvancИes). Lagoon first made its mark on the racing monohulls and multihulls circuits with Pierre Ier, Fleury Michon, etc., whose winning record remains unbeaten to this day. Lagoon has also responded to one-off requirements such as the construction of the extraordinary trimarans for the movie Waterworld.

Lagoon 55Lagoon, is today part of CNB company of the Beneteau group (world leader for the construction of pleasure yachts), and now offers a complete and comprehensive range of cruising catamarans designed by the architects Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prevost, whose achievements on the racing multihulls scene are second to none.
The first generation of catamarans was launched from 1987 to 1996 with the Lagoons 55, 47, 57 and 67: all ocean cruising private yachts. However, the Lagoons 37 and 42 were more suited to the charter market. The production was limited, but it established some strong guidelines by which the brand could be recognized from the outset: the high quality of design and construction with better than average performance.
These are still Lagoon's fundamental values.

1996 saw the launch of a new generation of Lagoons that took over the market immediately with the use of the following basic principles: maximum protection in the sun, maximum use of space available (hence the vertical cabin windows, now a Lagoon trademark), more comfort and paying careful attention to the trends set by private customers.
Since 2003, Lagoon is the world leader in cruising catamarans due to its innovative range and supportive distribution network. Today, Lagoon can boast to having 50 passionate catamaran specialist distributors all over the world.

Found 6 yachts

foto yacht status year length price
LAGOON 56 S2 sale 2014 17.07 m € 950 000
Lagoon 420
Lagoon 420 sale 2008/2018 12.61 m € 220 000
LAGOON 500 «MARGARITA» sale 2006 15.52 m € 706 020
catamaran lagoon 410 S2
catamaran lagoon 410 S2 sale 2005 11.98 m € 215 000
catamaran lagoon 420
catamaran lagoon 420 sale 2008 12.26 m € 325 000
Lagoon-380 «EDEN»
Lagoon-380 «EDEN» sale 2009 0.00 m € 200 000