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Farmont Yachts GmbH & Co KG (GERMANY)

Farmont Yachts GmbH & Co KG
Address: Talstraъe 1
D-40217 DЭsseldorf
Phone: +49 (0)211 / 3 84 27-11
Modern yacht building int the explorer category has a name: FARMONT.
The German company is in the process of making its mark on the future of ocean-going yacht building.
For the first time in Europe, explorers are now being semi-custom built.
The new FARMONT shipyard is capable of building up to eight high-tech quality yachts per year with length up to 38 meters/124'67". The innovative FARMONT explorers with hulls made of epoxy fibreglass are light and durable - ideal for adventurous ocean exploration.

Equipped for all the seas of the world, including Arctic waters, they outwardly display a clarity of line, with interiors of visible class.

FARMONT yachts are dependable, timeless and designed for extreme ranges. They offer the owner every conceivable convenience, maximum safety and plenty of power for voyages into uncharted waters. A strong engineering team with decades of experience has developed a range of yachts which combine aesthetics and ergonomics, with efficiency and comfort.
Renowned naval architects have given FARMONT yachts their characteristic form and have succeeded in designing yachts with extreme stability, safety and straight-forward handling.
The international design team is committed to absolute perfection, down to the finest detail. The designers are only satisfied when the optimum solution has been found for each detail of the interior and for all ergonomic and technical components.
This insures that the owner and his guests can enjoy their grand ocean adventure in comfort and safety.