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Cantieri Navali Codecasa S.p.A (ITALY)

Cantieri Navali Codecasa S.p.A
Contry: ITALY
Address: Via Amendola Viareggio 55049 Italy
Phone: +39 0584 383 221
The CODECASA Shipyard was created in Viareggio, Italy, in the year 1825, by Giovanni Battista Codecasa, as builder of wooden sailers. Since then, through the years and under the various CODECASA generation, the shipyard went through constant development and evolution until becoming the actual group, composed by: CODECASA UGO S.p.A., CODECASA DUE S.p.A. and CODECASA TRE S.p.A. The CODECASA UGO and CODECASA TRE shipyards, situated in the new Viareggio harbour Marina, at 20 minutesdrive from the International Airport in Pisa, extend over an area of more than 7000 square meters, 6000 of which are under permanent cover. Those shipyards build steel/aluminium or entirely aluminium vessels in the range from 30 meters (98') up to 90 meters (295') in length, under total covering, and are particularly skilled in building luxury motoryachts.The CODECASA DUE shipyard, situated in one of the Viareggio Port's oldest docks, extends over an area of 6500 square meters, 3500 of which are under permanent cover. This shipyard has the necessary facilities and equipment for the repair and the refitting of motor and sailing yachts, as well as the construction of steel/aluminium or entirely aluminium yachts, up to 35 meters (115') in length. The use of the most sophisticated modern technologies and the extreme care given in the realisation of each and every minimum detail on their constructions, has allowed the CODECASA shipyards to reach the highest quality levels, well known and appreciated all over the world.

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Cantieri di Pisa 110Akhir
Cantieri di Pisa 110Akhir sale 2000 33.10 m € 3 200 000