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Benetti Sail Division (ITALY)

Benetti Sail Division
Contry: ITALY
Address: Via di Pescatori, 56/3, 55049 Viareggio (Italy)
Phone: +39 0584 39 01 94
Benetti Sail Division was originally the motorised sailing boats and yachts subsidiary of the famous Fratelli Benetti shipyards. Since it became a totally independent enterprise in 1981, Benetti Sail Division has devoted itself to building "one off" yachts. Tailor-made craft created for exacting boat owners who found that the market was no longer able to satisfy their desires. For several decades now, we have been devoting our time and efforts to highly specialised constructions, in very high-value niche markets. That's why we are once again creating classic motor yachts, as we have been since 1998. Today, it is with just a touch of pride - we were, after all, the precursors - that we are presenting to you here our very latest prestige models, the fruit of our tradition and of all our skill and craftsmanship.